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Paint Me Irrational Feature Story

Paint Me Irrational, with a fan base of about 15,000 people, has recently come to end their career as a band, devastating many teenage girls around the world.

Paint Me Irrational’s debut EP was released on iTunes on December 1, 2009. The band had been performing live shows consistently since then, and touring the country in hopes of “making it big.”

This local Gainesville band was started by two of the group member Andrew Lovette and Jordan Williams, who both worked at Hollister at the Oaks Mall during the time of their band career.

Williams said, “We really do love our fans, but we found that we just couldn’t make a living of this. Even while touring, we still had to work at the mall because the money just wasn’t enough.”

Lovette added that even if the combined money of touring and Hollister would have been enough, he doesn’t think it would be a lifestyle for him. “I really love the band, and would never want to disappoint any of our fans, but it’s time that I get a real career- one that makes stable money so that one day I can eventually provide for a family.”

The band ended on a good note and all the band members still keep in touch. Here’s to hoping that they have a Reunion Tour planned for sometime soon.

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Feature story on DJing

Dilshan “DJ Derive” Ranadewa, right, and Alyza “DJ One Way” Enriquez, left, DJ together for a Spring Break Reunion House Party in West Palm Beach, hosted by Mike Haimowitz.

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Review of Xylitone’s Debut Performance

On April 5, Xylitone performed at Double Down Live in Gainesville, Fla. 

The event on Facebook had 120 people who said they would be attending, and the turnout was even better than that.

Xtlitone’s debut performance was one to remember and one that was very nerve-racking for some of the band members, because it was Rory Michelen and James Graham’s first show with the band. 

Not only did this make it a difficult performance, but it was also Michelen’s first show with a band ever. 

The band was a part of an impressive lineup, headlining the show with five opening acts. Melissa Reyes, Tina Nicole, Emily Kopp, Maria Carter, and Sam Studer were all opening acts for Xylitone’s debut show.

Subhan Malik, Xylitone’s manager, said “It’s very impressive to be booked at Double Down Live for their first show. I’m so glad that I could actually get them a slot there. It’s even more impressive though, that this is where they played for their very first show, and they actually did well.”

Fans in the audience quickly learned the band members’ names and started yelling out to them in the middle of the performance, saying things like “We love you Rory!”

"It was definitely a successful night for the band and this is only going to help them in booking gigs in the near future so be watching out for them and where they’re going to play next," Malik said.


This is a link to one of Xylitone’s songs on their EP, Live to be Lost, that they performed at Double Down Live on April 5, 2012. 


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